B+W T-Pro 010 UV-Haze MRC nano 52mm (1097751)

Brand: B&W

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The new T-Pro filter line has a very slim filter mount. The filters harmonize ideally with the increasingly compact camera systems. They prevent vignetting even with short wide-angle zooms (starting from 12 mm APS).The reflection-free titanium-colored finish gives the T-Pro filters a unique appearance. The T-Pro series is equipped with a front thread for additional accessories.

The classic amongst the B+W protection filters blocks the annoying UV component of daylight. Invisible UV light is more intense in pure sea air and in high mountain regions and can cause blurring and a blueish cast. The color-neutral B+W 010 UV Haze filter is equally suitable for both analog and digital cameras. It ensures more brilliant images and can remain on the lens permanently as front lens protection.

Unique titanium-colored finish

Precision glass contact surface

Filter ring made of brass for high stability and durability

Special functional coating for easier attachment to lens

Protects lens from dust, sand, water, fingerprints, scratches and reduces unwanted UV effects while toning down thesociated blue haze.

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