DT8018 Non-contact Forehead Body Infrared Thermometer

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1. Non-Contact and with a high accuracy of measurement.

2. Providing two temperature modes,Fahrenheit scale and Celsius scale,for selection.

3. Providing the function of sound notification of high body temperature.

4. Over-range indication: LCD display "Hi" or "Lo".

5. Providing the function of saving the date and auto turn off.

6. Providing the function of auto selection the range, LCD display resolution:0.1 degree C(0.1 degree F).

7. Backlight LCD digital display.

8. Operating Temperature: 10 - 40 Degree Celsius, and do not put it in the environment temperature that under 0 Degree Celsius or obove 50 Degree Celsius.


1. Measurement accuracy:

32.0 degree C - 35.9 degree C (93.2 degree F-96.6 degree F): -/+0.3 degree C (0.5 degree F)

36.0 degree C - 39.0 degree C (96.8 degree F-102.2 degree F): -/+0.2 degree C (0.4 degree F)

39.0 degree C - 42.0 degree C (102.3 degree F-107.6 degree F): -/+0.3 degree C (0.5 degree F)

2. Measuring distance: 5-15cm

3. Body temperature mode: 32.0 degree C - 42.0 degree C

4. Auto power off: About 7 seconds

5. Power: 9V battery (not included)

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